Why it Works - The Science


Scientists, physicians and sports medicine experts have demonstrated time and time again that  cryotherapy, massage therapy and targeting muscles individually, provides maximum benefits.  Nitro aids in effective recovery in a convenient manner through the combination of these techniques. According to the American Council on Exercise, recovery after exercise and strenuous activity is an extremely essential constituent of the exercise standard. Additionally, it is of uppermost importance for elite performance and prolonged advancement. 

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing inflammation and further secondary damage. When one suffers a soft tissue injury, there is evidence that secondary injuries may occur due to the primary inflammation. This secondary damage occurs to the healthy cells surrounding the injury and could even lead to cell death. This is detrimental to the body by causing further pain and prolonging the period of healing. Research has demonstrated that cryotherapy reduces the detrimental effects of this cellular response to injury. The cold temperature allows the metabolic rate to decrease, thus minimizing the secondary injury to the peripheral cells (Bleakley & Davidson, 2010). 

Massage therapy is another effective method of recovering and preventing injury. It has been used for centuries due to the benefits that come from it such as muscle relaxation, reduced muscular tension, reduced soreness, promoting healing thus, improving an individual’s athletic performance and well-being. Research has also demonstrated that massage to an area before and after physical activity results in an increased blood flow to the targeted area which is essential for the delivery of oxygen and buffers the acidity of blood. This in turn will aid in removing waste products post-exercise and increasing the delivery of nutrients necessary for muscle repair (Weerapong et al., 2005). 

The Nitro allows individuals to obtain all of the aforementioned benefits of cryotherapy and massage therapy. The cryotherapy benefits from the frozen steel ball, the massage therapy benefits from the 360 degree motion, and the small size for better targeted muscle relief allows athletes, non-athletes and anyone in between to recover, repair and prevent injury.