Tennis Elbow

Is Tennis Elbow Affecting Your Performance?

Tennis elbow, scientifically known as Lateral elbow tendinopathy (LET) or lateral epicondylitis, may significantly affect an individual’s performance. This injury evolves as pain, soreness and physical limitation. When a physician assesses a patient with tennis elbow, they may find some form of tendonitis. However, it is more commonly presented as deteriorating tendons, disorderly collagen bundles, fibrous tissue (scarring) and excessive blood vessels. This injury can be a nuisance and interfere with simple movements such as typing on a computer. Physical therapists and physicians prefer rehabilitation interventions over more invasive procedures such as surgery or prescription medication in the treatment of tennis elbow. 


One extremely effective rehabilitation intervention suggested by health professionals is cryotherapy. If you are not familiar with cryotherapy, its benefits and how it works, check out our How it Works Article (insert article link here). Cryotherapy has demonstrated to minimize pain in patients suffering from tennis elbow. As mentioned above, one of the presentations seen in LET is excessive blood vessels. Cryotherapy is effective in constricting the blood vessels to reduce pain. The first choice of treatment recommended by professionals is ice massage. However, physicians have a difficult time getting patients to consistently utilize this method due to the inconvenience of the direct application of ice to skin which is not easily tolerated by many. Patients also may not be familiar with how to massage the area with ice given that they have to maneuver the ice. Needless to say, the mess that is associated with an ice massage makes this intervention method difficult to adhere to (Day et al., 2019). 


Nitro is the perfect solution for evading all the inconveniences associated with an ice massage. It’s compact size, 360 degree frozen steel ball rotation, and no drip mechanism allows for easy and convenient use all the while delivering the same effects as an ice massage. Do not allow injuries to hinder your progress and take control of your recovery journey.