Key Product Features

6 Full Hours of Cold Relief

Once removed from your freezer, the Cryosphere remains cold for up to 6 hours of use.

Reduce Inflammation

The Cryosphere quickly cools the muscles while relaxing the area, decreasing inflammation.

360° Free Rolling Motion

Provides comprehensive free rolling motion for full body recovery, giving pressure control back to you the consumer.

Cold Tempature

Should be used comfortably with a layer between skin and ice roller optimal cold therapy temperatures. Safe for everyday use.

100% Leak Proof

Our single-unit Cryosphere is self-contained, meaning no more ice bags, ice cups, no leaks, no mess.


Easy to clean. Simply unscrew the lower handle blue take the ball out and wipe inside and out with a sponge or disinfectant wipes.


Versatile and multi-functional - great for daily use anywhere, anytime. The Cryosphere features a 2 in 1 design for use with or without the handle.

Premium Quality

Materials are strong for maximum durability with a rubber overmold for comfort. Freezer-safe.